Renovation of the Bishops’ Gardens in Pelplin

Renovation of the Bishops’ Gardens in Pelplin

Renovation and construction works are in progress in the Bishops’ Gardens – the park complex around the Bishop’s Palace in Pelplin. The project, the primary objective of which is the renovation of the historic park, also includes thorough renovation of two 19th century buildings – the Gate House and the Cart House, which will house the Cistercian Gardens Gallery.

The vast majority of the planting has already been done, as well as the restoration of the original geometrical layout of the alleys. Preparations for the construction works on the former Gate House and Cart House are also progressing. Both buildings, exposed to continuous dampness, require substantial repairs. The Gate House requires, first and foremost, damp proofing of the walls, as well as thorough renovation of the devastated interiors – the floors, plaster, cladding, cellar lintels, windows and doors will be replaced. The scope of works in the Cart House is even greater. The roof and walls which are in danger of collapse require the most urgent intervention. The building will also be insulated, but from the inside in order to preserve its brick façade. Floors, windows and doors will be replaced, as well as all installations: heating, electrical, sanitary and ventilation. The building will be equipped with monitoring and a fire protection system. Finally, its interiors will be reconstructed, and a glass corridor will be added to the renovated courtyard – all in order to adapt the Cart House to its new exhibition function. It will house the Cistercian Gardens Gallery, where exhibitions connected with the history and lifestyle of the Cistercians will be presented, and cultural and educational activities will be conducted.

However, the gallery will not be the only attraction of the Gardens. The park will also include a new rose avenue, bronze models of the Gardens and the Abbey, an info-kiosk, brass information boards and a map made of tempered glass. An arbour will be built to serve as a stage for various cultural events which are regularly held in Pelplin. There will also be a recreation area for families with children, equipped with such attractions for the youngest, as willow tunnels, a boxwood labyrinth with a trampoline, or a huge sandpit under a willow canopy. Ultimately, the park will be open to visitors, serving both tourists and pilgrims, as well as the residents of Pelplin.


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