Barokowy Zespół Parkowy w Pelplinie odzyskuje dawny blask

The Baroque Park Complex in Pelplin regains its former glory

modernisation and development of the historic park, together with renovation, reconstruction, adaptation and modernisation of the buildings on the grounds of the above mentioned park, as part of the project entitled: Baroque park complex in Pelplin – making the area accessible through land development and providing new cultural and exhibition functions.

The following works will be carried out under the contract:

  • Renovation of the Bishops’ Garden - a historic park in Pelplin, in particular the construction of alleys and paths in the park, tending of trees, shaping of green areas, planting of shrubs, construction of irrigation in the park, construction of lighting in the park, construction of monitoring in the park and construction of a stage in the park.
  • Construction, sanitary and electrical works in the former cart house, adaptation of the building for the Cistercian Gardens Gallery, in particular: replacement of window and door joinery elements, insulation of external walls of the building with the use of 5 cm thick rigid polyurethane foam board with capillary action from the inside, insulation of roof slope with 25 cm thick mineral wool within utility rooms – rooms with open roof truss, insulation of wooden ceiling with 25 cm thick mineral wool for the rooms in the attic with open roof truss, modernisation of heating, ventilation, water and sewage installations replacement of lighting fixtures with LED fixtures, reconstruction of the building interior and internal renovation works: damp proofing of the walls, replacement of floors, internal plaster and cladding, brickworks and partition walls, construction of a glazed corridor from the courtyard side, replacement of roofing, renovation of walls (façade), roof trusses, chimneys, renovation of the courtyard, installation of motion detectors, installation of internal cameras, installation of a digital video recording device, installation of a control panel (console) with LCD display, installation of fire detectors, making a design and wall painting in the children’s room.
  • Renovation of the gate building, including demolition work inside the building, damp proofing of the wall, installation of new floors, new internal plaster and cladding, brickwork and partition walls, repair of lintels in the basement, replacement of window and door frames.

In addition, the contract also covers the creation and installation of 3D mock-ups showing the Post-Cistercian Abbey and the Bishops’ Gardens, a map in the form of a board with information about the attractions of the Gardens, information posters and an info-kiosk.

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